Fuel Supply

What We Supply
o Petrol 95
o Petrol 93 (ULP & LRP)
o Diesel 50 ppm and 10 ppm
o Illuminating Paraffin
o Lubricants – (Mining, Automotive, Aviation and Heavy Industrial)
o Fuel Oil/ Heavy Furnace Oil (HFO) – CST 125/180
o Aviation Gasoline
o Jet Fuel
o Propane/ Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
o Bitumen and Asphalt

We are one of the top fuel distributors within East Africa. We give fuel quality, the top priority, for our commitment is to is to deliver the highest quality petroleum products that comply with the international safety and quality standards at an excellent service level with competitive pricing.

We are appointed distributors by leading Oil Importers in Kenya who embrace meticulous business ethics to ensure the channel of distribution are not only seamless but also the product delivered is of high standards.
We are very passionate about serving and by the virtual strategic partnership with the suppliers we are privileged to access a wide range of storage hospitality; this is instrumental in ensuring clients over heads are managed reasonably well in relation to the location.

We are also very passionate about servicing your needs. We also do understand that most of our clients operate in remote areas that require special attention and that’s why we have invested most of our resources in bulk transport vehicles.

Our Strength

When we say we are about quality product and excellent service, we mean it. We are aware of the market challenges and quality control is key aspect in all our transactions. We do conduct research to improve our services and stay up to date with the energy sector.
Our commitment to have the right people and right resources to deliver the best for you is at the core of our day to day operations. We do not only assure delivering quality and on time, but we can also facilitate tailor made financing solutions whenever feasible while associating the necessary risk management packages.

Our Team

Our team comprises of petroleum industry experienced experts who are involved in the day-to-day running of the business, and all ensure that services are adequately tailored and delivered. Our staff are our biggest asset and with all our combined forces we are able to achieve our promise on delivery.
We have a marketing team that is responsible for sourcing, selling, order processing, sales and follow-up calls. The leadership of the company is young, professional, focused, and energetic and is always willing to learn from its mentors and experienced stakeholders so that we do things right first time. We have drawn market wisdom from highly respected individuals both in business and the African energy sector, enabling us to undertake available petroleum distribution activities with pride and confidence.

How To Order

Fuel is a crucial commodity in industrial operations, having secure, reliable and quality fuel to carry on with your business activities will ensure your uptime and bottom-lines. To order describe the product/ equipment use or problem that you are addressing, be precise, empiric and use actual data from the user(s). We would also need to know your current storage available capacity. Once all this information are in hand, you can send us mail via our web-form CONTACT US PAGE