Diesel Portable Rotomold Plastic Tanks


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Our lightweight and convenient rotomold diesel tanks for are perfect for quickly transporting fuel wherever it’s needed. Boasting a host of features, our portable diesel tanks are a highly trusted leading product in Kenyan automotive market.

Compact Design with Wide Functionality

Our portable diesel tanks come with a range of features in order to stand out from the competition and meet our customer’s needs. Both open or with lockable lids and automatic shut-off nozzles ensure minimal spillage of your precious fuel, while a compact design gives you the flexibility to store and transport the tanks in tight spaces. The tanks can be stacked upto 3 units high to save on space.

Tank Features (might vary with model):

  • Capacity: 53, 220 or 480 Liters
  • Dimensions(WxLxH);
    • 53L = 16 x 13 x 34mm in /10′ hose with hanger for easy storage
    • 220L = 910 x 600 x 665 mm
    • 480L = 1200 x 800 x 785 mm
  • Rated Power: 0.21HP/155W
  • Rated Current: 22 amps
  • Speed Range: 3000rpm
  • Flow Rate: Up to 55L/min
  • Max Suction: 3m
  • Lift Distance: 6m
  • No-load Speed: 4200rpm
  • Inlet/ Outlet port fitting: 1″
  • Delivery hose: 4m
  • 3/4″ Automatic nozzle
  • 12 volt self-priming pump
  • 2m wiring harness with alligator clips
  • Strong tank cover/ lid

Additional information

Open Top Model DSLC053

Spec sheet & Drawing – PDF

Open Top Model DSLC220

Spec sheet & Drawing – PDF

Open Top Model DSLC480

Spec sheet & Drawing – PDF