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Petrotech Agency Ltd

We are one of the leading engineering companies in Kenya for oil & gas engineering, fuel equipment installation, bulk storage tank fabrication and mounting and construction services for commercial and retail clients. We have been delivering carefully considered, professionally installed and constructed solutions, tailored to the needs of each individual client project.

Our commitment to first class service, quality, safety and consistency have grown our company to its current position within the energy sector of Kenya. Along with construction and fabrication, we also provide design planning and project management.

Why work with us

We are a company composed of construction & contracting specialists and one of our biggest benefit is that clients automatically access our wider, in-house expertise. This is particularly beneficial when unexpected project complications arise. Clients have noted that unlike working with a single discipline contractor:

  • We provide value engineering solutions that are more innovative because of our influence and exposure to different related technology partners.
  • Our construction schedule avoids delay through more resilience to unforeseen challenges and complications,
  • Equipment’s and material purchasing costs are more competitive due to our greater buying power.
  • Complete end of project documentation, reports, certification and warranty.

We have a varied range of specialists from mechanical engineering, welding professionals, groundworks and civil engineering.

Our brief history is that the company started as a partnership company in 2014. The company growth has been great and with the addition of new members onboard it become a private limited company in 2017. This has given us 6 years of experience in various activities across the sector.