DB-65 LPG Multistage Centrifugal Pump

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The DB-65 multistage pump, centrifugal and side channel, is designed with 6 stages,
having a horizontal configuration, Shaft sealing by mechanical seal without cooling,
for handling LPG (liquid gas ), the liquids involving high-differential pressure, low
NPSH conditions and aerated liquids up to 50% gas, such as pumping from
underground tanks. The use of a pre-compression turbine at the suction end makes
it possible to obtain a very small required NPSH, so that this pump can be used
under very difficult suction conditions.



  • LPG tank filling
  • Pumping LPG from underground storage
  • Bulk filling operations
  • Loading/unloading of oil tank trucks
  • Vapor recuperation


Direction of rotation: Anti-clockwise facing the end of the pump drive shaft
Max. Pressure: 40 bars at 120‘C
Speed: 1,450rpm
Power: AC380V, 50Hz, 4KW
Ambicnt Température: -20“C~60’C
Connecting flanges: DIN 2501, PN 40 as per DIN 2501. PN 40
Number of stages: 6
Bearings: Sleeve bearing at the pump end, bail bearing at the drive end
Lubrication: Plain bearing at the pump end lubricated by the pumped product, bail bearing at the drive end lubricated.

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Weight 64 kg
Dimensions 100 × 42 × 45 cm
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