LPG Bobtail Tanks

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Bobtail trucks are chassis-mounted transportation tanks, mainly used to distribute LPG to domestic or industrial customers or autogas service stations. Our manufacturing standards are ADR, TPED, EN 12252, EN 12493.

Truck model and capacity determine tank capacities, and standard sizes are as follows:

2 Axle Trucks 3 Axle Trucks 4 Axle Trucks
4×2 or 4×4 6×2 or 6×4 8×2
10 m3 17 m3 32 m3
14 m3 23 m3 34 m3

Bobtails are equipped with a delivery pump and an LPG meter.

Available options for pump drive :

  • From truck’s PTO by hydraulic drive.
  • From truck’s PTO by shaft.
  • Electric motor.

Quality Assurance

All welded joints are tested according to the manufacturing standard. A combination of X-ray, ultrasonic, dye penetrant, and magnetic particle tests is utilized.
After manufacturing, all tanks are subjected to a hydrostatic pressure test. After this test, the connections of tank accessories are tested against leaks, using nitrogen.

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Tank Capacity

2tons, 3tons, 4tons, 5tons

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